Best Always Pads for Heavy Flow

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Managing a heavy menstrual flow can be challenging, but with the right products, you can navigate through your period with comfort and confidence. Always, a trusted brand in feminine hygiene offers a variety of pads designed specifically for heavy flow days.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top Always pads for heavy flow, helping you make an informed decision that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Always Pads for Heavy Flow

These are the best Always pads for women who have heavy flow:

1. Always Infinity Size 3 Extra Heavy Flow Pads with Wings

Always Infinity Size 3 Extra Heavy Flow Pads

Always Infinity Size 3 Extra Heavy Flow Pads with Wings are engineered to provide optimal protection and comfort during even the heaviest days of your menstrual cycle.

The key innovation lies in the Infinity FlexFoam core, which absorbs up to 10 times its weight and molds to your body’s contours for an unbeatable fit. This technology ensures that you remain dry and comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the flow intensity.

The inclusion of wings offers an extra layer of security, preventing leakage and maintaining the pad’s position. The wider back design helps protect against leakage, especially during nighttime use.

Always Infinity pads are renowned for their ability to provide superior protection without the bulkiness often associated with heavy-duty pads. This makes them an excellent choice for those who prefer a more discreet and comfortable option.

2. Always Maxi Pads Size 5 Extra Heavy Overnight

Always Maxi Pads Size 5 Extra Heavy Overnight

Always Maxi Pads Size 5 Extra Heavy Overnight pads are designed to offer reliable protection throughout the night, allowing you to rest easy without the worry of leaks. These sanitary pads are longer and wider, providing increased coverage for heavy flow days and nighttime use.

The multi-layered core rapidly absorbs and locks away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. One of the standout features of Always Maxi Pads is their enhanced absorbency capacity, which is perfect for heavy flow days.

The wider back design and extra absorbent core combine to create a trustworthy shield against leaks, even during hours of sleep. This pad is particularly well-suited for those who experience heavy flow during the night or require long-lasting protection.

3. Always Radiant Pads Extra Heavy Flow

Always Radiant Pads Heavy Flow

For those who prioritize both protection and aesthetics, Always Radiant Pads are an excellent option. These pads combine vibrant designs with reliable heavier flow protection, making your period a little more colorful.

The FlexFoam core provides exceptional absorption while remaining incredibly thin and comfortable. This feature is particularly appealing to individuals who dislike the sensation of bulkiness often associated with pads for heavy flow.

The winged design further enhances leakage protection, making it suitable for days when your flow is at its peak. Always Radiant Pads are a great choice for those who want to feel confident while expressing their personal style during their period.

4. Always Pure Cotton Pads Size 2 Heavy Flow with Flexi-Wings

Always Pure Cotton Pads Size 2 Heavy Flow

If you have sensitive skin or prefer natural materials, Always Pure Cotton Pads Size 2 with Flexi-Wings might be the perfect fit for you. These pads are made with 100% pure cotton, offering a soft and hypoallergenic option for heavy flow days.

The Flexi-Wings help keep the pad securely in place, preventing leaks and providing peace of mind.

The use of cotton ensures breathability and comfort, which is essential for individuals with skin sensitivities. Always Pure Cotton Pads are a suitable choice for those who prioritize eco-friendly materials and desire a pad that aligns with their personal values.

5. Always Ultra Thin Extra Heavy Overnight Pads with Wings, Size 5

Always Ultra Thin Extra Heavy Overnight Pads

For those seeking heavy flow protection without sacrificing comfort or discretion, Always Ultra Thin Extra Heavy Overnight Pads with Wings in Size 5 is an ideal solution. These ultra-thin pads are specifically designed for overnight use.

Despite their slim profile, they offer excellent absorbency and leakage protection. The wings and extended back coverage work together to ensure that you stay comfortable and confident throughout the night.

Always Ultra Thin Pads are well-suited for individuals who want a pad that can handle a heavier flow without feeling bulky or cumbersome.

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How much blood does an Always overnight pad hold?

Always Ultralight Overnight pads hold almost 78.7 mL of blood without leaking.

How many hours do Always pads last?

Always pads typically offer protection for up to 8 hours. It is recommended to change your pad every 4-5 hours to avoid leakage, and bad odor.


Choosing the best Always pads for heavy flow involves considering factors such as absorbency, comfort, and personal preferences. Whether you prioritize innovation, aesthetics, natural materials, or discretion, Always offers a range of options to cater to your unique needs.

Remember that no two menstrual cycles are exactly alike, so it’s worth experimenting with different pad styles to find the one that provides you with the most comfort and confidence during your heavier flow days.

With the right choice, you can navigate your period with ease, ensuring you’re well-prepared and protected every step of the way.

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