What Is the Use of Sanitary Towel with Loops?

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Sanitary towels, also known as sanitary pads or menstrual pads, are essential products for women during their menstrual cycles. They provide absorbency and comfort, allowing women to go about their daily activities with confidence.

Traditional sanitary towels come with adhesive strips that secure the pad to the underwear. However, there are also sanitary towels available with loops instead of adhesive, offering an alternative method of attachment.

In this article, we will explore the use of sanitary towels with loops, discuss their suitability for use during periods, and evaluate their comfort level.

Understanding Sanitary Towels with Loops

Sanitary towels with loops are designed with fabric loops on either end of the pad instead of adhesive strips. These loops are used to secure the pad to specially designed underwear with corresponding hooks or buttons.

The loops can be made from various materials, such as elastic or fabric, depending on the brand and design.

Uses of Sanitary Towels with Loops

1. Alternative Attachment Method

The primary use of sanitary towels with loops is to provide an alternative attachment method to traditional adhesive-backed pads.

Some women may prefer loops over adhesive strips for various reasons. Loops offer a more secure and adjustable fit, reducing the chances of the pad shifting or bunching during movement.

2. Specialized Underwear

Sanitary towels with loops are typically used in conjunction with specialized underwear that has hooks or buttons.

These undergarments have corresponding fasteners that secure the loops in place, keeping the pad securely in position.

Can Sanitary Towels with Loops Be Used During Periods?

Yes, sanitary towels with loops can be used during periods just like traditional adhesive-backed pads. They are designed to provide absorbency and leakage protection, making them suitable for menstrual flow.

The primary difference lies in the method of attachment rather than the functionality of the pad itself.

Are Sanitary Towel with Loops Comfortable?

The comfort level of sanitary towels with loops can vary depending on personal preferences and individual experiences. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the comfort of these pads:

1. Fit and Adjustability

One of the advantages of sanitary towels with loops is the ability to adjust the fit according to personal comfort. The loops can be secured tightly or loosely depending on individual preferences, allowing for a customized fit.

2. Breathability

The comfort of any sanitary towel, including those with loops, is influenced by its breathability. Look for pads made from breathable materials that promote air circulation, reducing the chances of discomfort or irritation.

3. Movement and Flexibility

Sanitary towels with loops should allow for comfortable movement and flexibility during activities. Ensure that the loops and fasteners do not cause any restrictions or discomfort when bending, sitting, or engaging in physical activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sanitary towels with loops reusable?

Sanitary towels with loops themselves are typically disposable, just like traditional adhesive-backed pads. However, the specialized underwear used with these pads may be reusable and washable, depending on the brand and design.

How do you use looped sanitary towels?

Looped sanitary towels are meant to be worn with a sanitary belt. It has an elastic waistband that sits on a person’s waist with two clips, one at the front and one at the back. A looped towel is then attached with the clips to soak up menstrual blood.

Can I use a sanitary towel with loops without the specialized underwear?

While sanitary towels with loops are specifically designed to be used with specialized underwear, some women may choose to use them without the corresponding fasteners. In such cases, the loops may not provide the same level of secure attachment as adhesive strips, and the pad may be prone to shifting or bunching.

Are sanitary towel with loops suitable for heavy flow?

Sanitary towels with loops can be suitable for various flow levels, including heavy flow. However, it is important to choose a pad with appropriate absorbency for your needs. Look for pads specifically designed for heavy flow if you require extra protection.


Sanitary towels with loops offer an alternative method of attachment for women during their menstrual cycles. They provide a secure and adjustable fit, allowing for comfortable movement and reducing the chances of pad shifting.

These pads can be used during periods and offer absorbency and leakage protection like traditional adhesive-backed pads. The comfort of sanitary towels with loops may vary depending on individual preferences and experiences.

Factors such as fit, adjustability, breathability, and flexibility should be considered when evaluating their comfort level.

Whether you choose traditional adhesive-backed pads or sanitary towels with loops, the most important aspect is finding a product that suits your needs and provides a comfortable and confident period experience.

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