Can You Wear a Pad With a Thong?

wearing sanitary pad with thong

Sanitary towels, also known as sanitary napkins or pads, are essential for many women during their menstrual cycle. They provide comfort, absorbency, and protection against leaks.

Thongs, on the other hand, are a popular style of underwear known for their minimal coverage at the back. Many women wonder if it is possible to wear a sanitary towel with a thong.

In this article, we will delve into this topic and provide you with the answers you seek.

Can You Wear a Pad with a Thong?

Yes, you can. Sanitary towels are designed to fit snugly against the body, ensuring optimal absorption and preventing leaks. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types and flow levels.

Most sanitary pads have wings, which are flaps that fold over the sides of underwear to provide extra protection. The wings also help secure the pad in place.

However, the shape and structure of thongs present some challenges when it comes to wearing a sanitary towel.

The Challenges of Wearing a Sanitary Towel with a Thong

Thongs are known for their narrow back coverage, which can make it difficult to properly secure a sanitary towel. The lack of fabric in the back of a thong means there is little to no surface area to attach the wings of a sanitary towel.

As a result, the pad may shift or become displaced during movement, leading to potential leaks and discomfort. Additionally, the string or strap of the thong may interfere with the positioning of the sanitary towel.

So, if you are planning to wear a sanitary pad while swimming with a thong on, it might not be a good idea. You should look for alternatives like those described below.

Possible Solutions for Wearing a Sanitary Towel with a Thong

While wearing a sanitary towel with a thong can be challenging, there are a few potential solutions that may work for some individuals:

a) Use a Thong Liner

Thong liners are specifically designed for thongs and have a narrower shape to fit the minimal coverage at the back. They provide some level of protection against spotting or light flow.

However, they are not as absorbent as regular sanitary towels, and they may not be suitable for heavy flow days.

b) Opt for a Pad without Wings

Some sanitary towels come without wings, which can make them more compatible with thongs. These pads are designed to be worn in the center of the underwear and may have adhesive on the back to help keep them in place.

However, without wings, there is a higher risk of leaks and reduced protection.

c) Experiment with Different Positions

Some women find that positioning the sanitary towel slightly forward or backward from the center can help improve its stability. By experimenting with different placements, you may find a position that feels more secure and minimizes the chances of discomfort or leakage.

What is a Period Thong?

Period thongs, also known as menstrual thongs or period panties with thong style, are underwear designed specifically for use during menstruation. They combine the minimal coverage and aesthetic appeal of thongs with the functionality of period panties.

These innovative undergarments have a built-in absorbent layer to provide leak-proof protection and replace the need for traditional menstrual products like sanitary towels or tampons. Here are the key features of a period thong:

  • Absorbent Layer: The most distinctive feature of period thongs is the presence of a highly absorbent layer integrated into the crotch area. This layer is usually made of moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and leak-proof materials, ensuring that menstrual fluid is absorbed.
  • Minimal Coverage: Period thongs offer the same minimal coverage at the back as regular thongs, providing a sense of freedom and reducing visible panty lines. The front coverage may vary depending on the brand and style, but overall, period thongs prioritize a sleek and discreet design.
  • Reusable and Environmentally Friendly: Unlike disposable menstrual products, period thongs are reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice. They can be washed and dried like regular underwear, eliminating the need for constant purchasing and disposal of single-use products.
  • Versatility: Period thongs can be used throughout the menstrual cycle, offering reliable protection on light to medium-flow days. They are particularly useful during activities like swimming, exercising, or wearing tight-fitting clothing, where traditional menstrual products may be less practical or visible.

Period thongs are a revolutionary addition to the world of menstrual products. They combine the aesthetic appeal of thongs with the practicality of period panties, offering leak-proof protection and comfort during menstruation. You can also try wearing period pants.

Wearing Sanitary Pad With Thong FAQs

Can I wear a tampon instead of a sanitary towel with a thong?

Yes, tampons are a viable option when wearing a thong. They are inserted internally, eliminating the need for wings or external coverage. Ensure you choose the correct absorbency level and change them regularly to prevent leaks or discomfort.

Can you wear a G-string on period?

Absolutely, you can wear a thong or g-string on your period. However, it is worth noting, that if you decide to wear it, you cannot wear standard sanitary pads. You will have to use other products like a tampon or a menstrual cup. 

Are there any alternative menstrual products for thong users?

Yes, there are alternative menstrual products that may be more suitable for thong users, such as menstrual cups or period panties. Menstrual cups are inserted internally and collect the flow, while period panties have built-in absorbent layers to prevent leaks.


Wearing a sanitary towel with a thong can be a challenging task due to the design and minimal coverage of thongs. The lack of surface area for wing attachment and the potential for movement can lead to discomfort and leaks.

However, there are potential solutions, such as using a thong liner, opting for a pad without wings, or experimenting with different positions. Alternatively, you can explore alternative menstrual products like tampons, menstrual cups, or period panties, which offer better compatibility with thongs.

Ultimately, the choice of menstrual products depends on personal preference, comfort, and the level of protection desired during your menstrual cycle.

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